What Is Ehr Agreement

User conflicts. We are not responsible for disputes or disagreements between you and third parties with whom you interact through DrChrono services, including liquidators and text language providers. We are also not responsible for disputes or disagreements between you and patients with or for whom the patient has used DrChrono services. You take all the risks associated with dealing with third parties. They agree to settle disputes directly with the other party. They free DrChrono from all claims, claims and damages in disputes between users of DrChrono services. They also agree not to involve us in such disputes. Be careful and common sense if you use DrChrono services. supplier agreements and other content. If you transmit, download or publish agreements, contracts, consents, notices, advice, advice, recommendations, comments, files, videos, images or other documents to our websites or if you make available content from the patient or other supplier (including, but not limited to content available on or via links in your virtual waiting room), you agree not to provide defamatory content (1) from providers, (2) privacy, copyright, trademark, trade presentation, trade secrets or intellectual property rights of a person or entity or violation, or (3) of a virus or other damaging component. The provider is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary agreements and consents from patients and other consumers and providing all necessary advice to patients and other consumers.

You agree not to contact other users through unwanted emails, phone calls, mailings or other means of communication. You guarantee and guarantee to DrChrono that you have the right and right to download all of the provider`s content from websites and any vendor content that will be published in a virtual waiting room. With the exception of vendor content published in a virtual waiting room, the provider drChrono grants a free fee: irrevocable and transferable right and a license to use the supplier`s content, however, DrChrono, including, but not limited, wishes to copy, modify, modify, customize, edit, publish, publish, translate, translate, sell and/or disseminate content from suppliers and/or such content from suppliers in any form, medium or technological. DrChrono is not and is not required (1) to keep the contents of the supplier confidential; (2) to pay you or others compensation for the supplier`s content; or (3) respond to the provider`s content. For clarity, DrChrono is not entitled to vendor content published in a provider`s virtual waiting room, unless it is contrary to Section VII. Suppliers are the only ones responsible for the vendor`s content that is published in the provider`s virtual waiting room. Due Authority. You represent and guarantee DrChrono on an ongoing basis through the duration of the contract of your contract that: (i) you have the power and enterprise competence to fulfill and fulfill its obligations under your contract; (ii) the person who executes your contract on your behalf is entitled to you and that the performance of your contract by that person is not contrary to your statutes, your constitution or any other similar document; (iii) the performance of your contract does not constitute a substantial violation of an agreement or agreement to which you or any of your assets are bound; and (iv) neither you nor any of your employees to your knowledge (A) have been convicted of an offence resulting from claims or other transactions, financial relationships or financial transactions related to health care, or (B) has been excluded from a federal or national health program.