Adobe Acrobat Reader Disable License Agreement

It seems that Alex is right. I deleted the bProtectedMode recording of the policies of the AdobeLockdown software and I was able to open all the files with the message. However, I`m not 100% sure what it will do with other PDF files, as we originally disabled it, which allowed some files to open. Until now, this user was ok with Protected Mode ENABLED, but in a recent test, I was prevented from opening a PDF-B/c web on my PC at my desktop. We have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat on win7. Our users are not able to view PDF files online without opening, closing and reloading the page without acrobatics. Is there a way to automatically accept CLUE when someone logs in? By default, you`ll see a welcome page when the app starts. To disable this behavior, put bSplashDisplayedAtStartup on 0 that worked for me. Basically, launch Adobe X free Reader, go to Edit > Preferences -> General, check « Enable protected mode at startup. » In my scenario, I initially tried to update Reader 10.0.1 to 10.1.0 with SCUP and the published update. This replaced my custom configuration (the changes included the default acceptance of license agreements, the removal of Auto Updater, and the deactivation of the protected mode). I then had to create a custom installation with the customization assistant with the MSI 10.1.0 file from Adobe`s FTP site. After running this, I now get the above error on computers that have never had Acrobat.

Also, Alex`s suggestion to turn it on or off is not applicable b/c it is disabled on my custom installation. The field is gray and I can`t even turn it on/off. The Continuous Track offers new features in updates and therefore offers no interface option to disable updates. The default mode is « car. » The RDT is also disabled if one of the following threads is disabled: It also appears that other threads have been launched ( so it is not sure when this can be considered or answered. Insert the following recording key using ProfileUnity to disable this pop-up: The First Time Experience displays help content and tips for starting the app. To disable the RDT: We have this problem for a lot of users and we found it simply strange that if you have a file that gives the error, then just open the Adobe Reader program before clicking on it, then it would open well. Similarly, the protected fixed mode would not work in our case, as it prevents users from opening a PDF file from a file sharing.… Because organizations sometimes certify and test updates before they are made available, it is possible to disable updates and control when and how they are provided. However, integrated desktop services must interact with cloud-based components. If you use services, note that Adobe regularly updates server-side cloud components to sync them with the latest desktop product. In this case, you need to update the desktop product.

To ensure that online desktop service streams work properly, Adobe recommends introducing the latest update within 60 days of its release. I have the same problem! If I double-click to open PDF files, I get the error message « Accept the end user license agreement. » I tried all the proposed corrections, but no one was able to solve my problem.