Chase Commercial Online Access And Services Agreement

Neither party is responsible for processing or non-performance delays caused by fires, telecommunications outages, power outages, equipment failures, work breakdowns, disturbances, wars, terrorist attacks, actions of our suppliers or suppliers, acts of God or other causes over which the party concerned has no proper control, except that nothing in this section 8.10 affects or excuses your commitments for unfulsured batches, refunds or products. (a) You guarantee that you will comply with all legal requirements for electronic money transfers; do not initiate a payment order or instruction contrary to legal requirements or intended for an international ACH transaction (IAT) and comply with the rules of LA NACHA and grant us, as well as our ASPs, the same compensation as those we grant or consider as such, in accordance with the rules of the A.A.A. for each entry and transaction that results from you. b) If you are a third party under nachA rules, you guarantee that: the author has agreed to comply with the nachA rules, you will respond to our requests for information about the author; You will assess the author`s legitimacy, transactions and instructions; You will inform us if you know or suspect that a transaction that is the result of your author is illegal, illegitimate, involves the proceeds of illegal activities or is intended to conceal funds that are not breached by a JPMC document or that are inconsistent with the agreements between you and your author, and you will compensate us and compensate us against any claims arising from non-compliance with the NACHA rules. This Commercial Entity Agreement (CEA) is made available PayPal users who are business units (as defined by Visa and MasterCard) who open a business account and use PayPal services to accept the Payment Cards set out below by the Association (defined below) and PayPal payments made by customers via their PayPal account (the « PayPal services »). Any entity or person of this type that receives this AEC is heres not referred to as « PayPal client. » In this AEC, « you » and/or « you » also refer to PayPal customers. This AEC represents your separate legally binding contract between (1) you as a trading company and (2) JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. (« member »). In this AEC « we, » « we » and « our » also refer to members. PayPal customer approved the online PayPal use agreement on the PayPal website (the « AU ») and, in some cases, on the Payments Pro/Virtual Terminal Agreement website or any other online agreement relating to your direct acceptance of cards (« Pro-Convention ») and/or has signed the PayPal payment processing agreement (« PPA ») with PayPal, all of whose requirements for PayPal services are defined and incorporated into this AEC by reference.

The Member may terminate the provision of credit and debit card processing services that are provided by members to PayPal and yourself in connection with payments made via the PayPal service, and enforce one of the provisions of the AU and, if applicable, the pro and/or AAE agreement relating to the credit and debit card processing services provided by the Member. By signing the AAE or otherwise accepting this AEC (by the « Click through » agreement or otherwise), you accept the terms of this AEC and all documents received by reference. PayPal client also accepts that this AEC constitutes a legally binding contract between PayPal client and the member. All rights that are not expressly granted are reserved for the member. 3.3.4 The bank may at any time provide the customer or one of its employees with an additional, new or replacement security procedure (together a « new security procedure » which is considered an offer from the bank.