Easement Agreement Pdf

AND Grantor, which received a good and valuable consideration, including the sum of USD 1.00 whose receipt is expressly recognized by him, on behalf of his heir and the assignment, FACT HIERBY GRANT to Grantee, his heirs and beneficiaries of assignment, eternal relief for the following purposes: . (NAME), now Grantor, as the owner of the following real estate: . For current forms that cover only each state and situation, plus summaries of relevant laws we will save STRONGLY SUGGEST (This should open a new window. Close it when you`re done, and you`ll be back here.) ET, (NOM), from « Grantee, » the owner of the property adjacent to or adjacent to the property above, which is described as follows: Oath and before me on this day of , 20 . . Address,___________Block, Unit,