Grand Ages Medieval Transit Agreement

To get you to come on our game, Grand Ages: Medieval is a great-strategic title from Gaming Minds Studios and our first strategy title to be released on PS4. At Grand Ages: Medieval, your goal is to use trade, trade, diplomacy and war to conquer all 20 million kilometers of our medieval game world in Europe, which takes place in 1050 AD. The road to the emperor is long, but these trade tips will help you start the right path to gain economic dominance. Don`t bother turning to AI to form alliances. If you give them enough time, they will reach out and pay you for transit and commercial fees. In my experience, you don`t have to worry much about the AI trade, because trade between your own cities is more profitable. Traders are needed to take goods between your own cities or with friendly cities. Traders can only travel along pre-defined or developed roads or by boat between cities and ports. In addition, they can only enter your competitors` cities if there is a transit agreement or trade agreement. Build a barracks early in the game and train some mercenaries to evacuate adventure sites with enemy bandits or wild animals. As long as your mercenary couple can take care of all the bandits and wild animals in the area, don`t bother building other soldiers. It will only be a burden on your economy, and you will have time to prepare for an invasion if the AI declares war on you early. Train a trader — give him 5 cars (you should start at 4) and let him start trading between your capital and independent cities This sounds really good, I`ve played a lot of Total War Shogun 2, so I can`t wait to play that.

Train a dealership — give him these 5 cars and let him start trading between your capital and your new city to provide him with the resources needed to build the production buildings looks very beautiful… This game requires another look…. tries indeed hello again, PlayStation fans! Next week, Grand Ages: Medieval for PS4 will begin on October 13. To prepare potential emperors, we`ve created a special « How to Play » video to PlayStation.Blog that inserts you into the mechanics of the game, with 6 tips to help you become a master trader. Focus at an early stage on changes in production, particularly changes in production, which increase resource production. The triple increase in honey and salt production is particularly good and easy to grasp early. Train 3 other settlers — have taken your merchant from Stage 7 to these new cities to feed them during their first phase of growth, whenever you`re expanding, a contractor is ready to immediately build roads to this new city. Keep the roads that connect your cities as much as possible — it will pay off in the long run if your traders spend less time walking and spend more time making money. This with Wasteland 2 makes a great week next week.

I look forward to building a massive army and navy and taking control of Europe. Just hope that the game is not overloaded with tutorials like the others in this genre. Scout as far as possible with your recruiter, and keep in mind adventure sites to collect resources. If you come across bandits or wild animals, let him run away and look elsewhere.