Interface Agreements Templates

In order to facilitate cooperation with a research partner, Scottish higher education partners have agreed on a number of standardised and downloadable legal agreements, concluded by both parties prior to the draft. Interface agreements allow subcontractors to coordinate and regularize relationships both during the construction phase and during the operating phase of a PFI project, without essentially relying on the project company. To be fully effective, it is generally desirable for the project company and all its subcontractor service providers to enter into the contract (with the willingness to participate in future subcontractors at a later date). Another approach used in some previous PFI projects is the existence of a « vertical » mechanism whereby each subcontractor asserts rights in accordance with the terms of its subcontracting through the project company, which in turn assumes conditional liability to the subcontractor for the delivery of the other subcontractors and should be recovered from the other subcontractor. This approach was used less often than the horizontal interface agreement for a number of reasons, including: indeed, the judge was probably correct in saying that this interface agreement could only assign a deduction to a subcontractor if that subcontractor violated its subcontract and Project Co had been deducted under the project agreement because of poor performance and/or unavailability. But that won`t always be the case. An interface agreement is a formal written agreement between the competent road and/or railway managers. The format of the agreement can be defined by the parties, but must include the points covered in section 105 of the NLSN, such. B as the responsibilities of the parties in terms of enforcement action and a procedure for monitoring these measures, and ensure that new risks are identified and minimized over time. A model is also available.