Jbcc Minor Works Agreement Edition 5.1 March 2014

The JBCC® SSWC is designed for the transformation, renovation and addition of existing buildings or buildings that do not exceed three storeys high and are not intended to install sophisticated building systems or complex services. The contract is between the employer and the contractor. The employer manages the contractual relationship with the contractor, but the employer may appoint an agent who performs this task on behalf of the employer before and during the work. When an agent is named in this contract, the agent acts to the extent necessary with respect to the rights and obligations conferred on the employer. The contract is divided into 12 clauses and includes an agreement signed between the employer and the contractor, as well as contractual data in which all contractual variables must be collected, first by the employer to collect offers from the contractors and supplemented by the contractor and presented as an offer. The agreement is designed to be used in minor and simple work. The employer appoints a principal agent for the management of the contract and designated direct contractors for specialized work and facilities that are not the responsibility or liability of the contractor in connection with the work. The minor construction agreement is suitable for use where the contractor is a small or medium-sized business and is not intended to be used when the work is complex or when it comes to appointing designated or selected subcontractors. The JBCC® PBA is suitable for all work contracts and can be used with a list of parts or a schedule of rates and drawings.

The PBA is synchronized with the JBCC® N/S mission agreement for the designation of designated and selected subcontractors, who will hire it on the same terms as the principal contractor. The content is not only a legal document, but also a checklist for the execution of the work and to minimize any disagreements – in order to effectively use the expensive working hours of all players of a construction project – in conjunction with the contractual data, which identify all contractual variables, first by the employer to obtain offers from contractors, and submitted by the contractor as a form of offer The three agreements are supported by a series of standard forms that simplify the management of the contract. The JBCC® the data of the PBA contract follow the order of the clauses of the JBCC agreement® the PBA agreement – by the employer (main representative) with the place for the names of the parties and agents, a description of the works followed by the space by clause to collect relevant information, for example the law of the country. B, the composition of the contact form as a whole, insurance requirements (by whom, who pays deductibility), site information, functions to be protected, work to be done by designated subcontractors or a direct contractor; The dates for the completion of the work as a whole or in sections – and, if applicable, penalties and criteria for certification of practical completion; Payment « Conditions. »