Lease Termination Agreement Philippines

An inventory list of all appliances, furniture and furniture is provided by the owner or real estate agent and signed by the tenant. It is the tenant`s responsibility to check the list and to be aware of any damage or missing items in the list. After the lease expires, the landlord or real estate agent will check for any damage and deductions from the deposit. The tenant can terminate the lease at any time. The tenant may also withhold rents if the landlord refuses to make the necessary repairs or not to keep the tenant in peace and enjoyment of the rented property. Please help us in this matter. We rented a room in the mall for our store, but we haven`t signed a contract yet… We have the reciept for the payment of the 3 moss. Caution, but the management of the mall has not yet approved our food concepts and we have been waiting for weeks… it seems that we have unfavourable conditions on the lease, so we decided not to follow the lease of the mall in question…

I can still get my deposit on a rental agreement, if there is not yet a signed contract between the tenant and the landlord?we have the contract, but we have not yet signed anything on paper. Can I still post a deposit on a rental agreement, if it has not yet signed a contract between the tenant and the landlord? Thank you very much. A quick answer to this question is highly appreciated. Hello, I have a problem with my landlord, she wants to repair our pipes, but she insists that I pay for the costs of these repairs, do I really have to pay for it? or it is her duty to do the repairs, because she is the owner of the house and I was only her tenant. Please give me an urgent response…. tnx anyway. And if we had already signed an agreement with the presence of a lawyer in our Baranggay, and our tenant also signed and aggreed on them, that if they ever do not pay rent or electricity bill, and the water bill, we will pay them 1mo. give to evacuate the place, but now you do not want to keep this agreement, so we still have the right to drive it away, based on the agreement we agreed? Hello, I would like to ask our tenant rights because the administrator of the unit we rent we blasphemy. We rent a stand for our business and our contract started in 2010.

The signatory of the contract is the subsidiary of the owner of the property. In 2011, his parents died. Now the other siblings have asked us to sign another contract with different rental terms and rental prices, which the other operators ignored and not agreed. So they simply asked them to continue their old contract and transfer the rent to another bank account that all (the owner`s children) respected. Now our landlord (signatory to our contract) has not raised any questions about the new rent. But the new administrator wants to put in place a new rule on advance and deposit for our stand. Just our booth. Our initial contract says 1 month advance – 1 month down payment plus monthly rent.

Now she wants to do 2 months of adv bail plus the monthly rent. As she said, there will be a new contract and they would verify it, we agreed to deposit it at the bank. Now, after three months of waiting for us to review the new treaty, no « new » treaty has been shown to us. And we`ve learned that only our business is invited to add additional adv and dep. Our old contract also said that we can not sublet and they also own it. But the owner of our contract allowed a new establishment to work in the parking lot because she asks our permission because she is a relative.