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The DLP does not object to a country receiving its fair share. Nor would we refuse a genuine agreement to improve living standards in underdeveloped countries, but the Lima Declaration is not such an agreement. As time has said, his « demands » were more insidious than we have suggested. After the ALP committed us to these demands, Australians were told that the agreement would « flatten the world`s production to redistribute wealth, to give a « fair share » to all nations. It is with this intention that we will call on the Government and the Crossbenchers to review Australia`s commitment to withdraw immediately from the Lima Declaration, in order to address both job security and future job security and employment policy opportunities for the Australian workforce. The Declaration stresses the importance of inclusive and sustainable industrial development as the basis for sustainable economic growth and calls, in accordance with the processes defined by the UN General Assembly, to address this issue appropriately in the development agenda for the post-2015 term. By withdrawing from the Lima Declaration, we want to restore the industries that have suffered the most from our commitment. After the restoration, industries such as the processing industry, the textile and steel industries would provide tens of thousands of much-needed jobs, while reducing our payroll taxes. The Lima Declaration aims to provide criteria to ensure the independence and effectiveness of the state audit. This document contains the basic principles that must be respected in a country`s constitution and in its application to ensure the independence of the Higher Supervisory Authority from the executive. It also outlines other important aspects of its investigative mandates and practices to ensure its proper functioning. The Lima Declaration will serve as the basis for the coming decades of UNIDO`s important work as a central agency within the United Nations on all issues related to industrialization.

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