Louisiana Real Estate Commission Listing Agreement

B. The lesson plans will be received by the Commission at least 10 calendar days before the start of each month. See the LREC decision on the use of federal sales contracts/contracts. Number 5501. Authorization of the real estate seller; Requests and procedures 1. one to five years of inactive status 45 hours of post-licensing training instead of the necessary continuing education. Any licensee who is inactive for more than one year must also take a four-hour training course in the year prior to the transfer date to active status, covering the Louisiana Real Estate License Lw and/or commission rules and/or commission rules; a. Classroom training, delivered by a trainer and delivered in a physical location or through a network, can be used for the presentation of pre-licensing courses and must be in accordance with the format and detail prescribed by the Commission. B. Labour disputes or disputes involving financial obligations, commissions or levies are not a reason for a sponsorship broker to return a licence or registration to the Commission. B. Administrators coordinate and disseminate information on changes to the Licensing Act, rules and regulations or Commission guidelines and procedures to all staff, trainers and staff. C.

The official source of the mandatory sales form is the Louisiana Real Estate Commission website. B. A real estate agent who uses electronic communications on the Internet for advertising or marketing, including, but not limited to emails, e-mail focus groups and newsletters, must contain the following data on the first or last page of all communications: 6) all qualifications established by the Commission that correspond to at least one of the qualifications prescribed in paragraphs 1 to 5 of this section, or any combination of them. C. The notification of the acquisition certifies that all licensees transferred to the acquiring agency are subject to continuous errors and termination insurance. If the transfer of the underwriters requires payment of the commission on coverage in the context of commission error insurance and non-intervention insurance, the notification must be accompanied by a list of all the takers for whom coverage is requested and all costs incurred.