Tw Build Over Agreement

If you can build above or near a domestic channel 160 mm in diameter or less and show that your plans pose a low risk to the pipe, we may be able to grant a self-certified construction agreement. Most Build Overs don`t need a CCTV survey, so we can authorize it immediately. But if your channel is not-in-inland or above 160 mm (6″) In diameter, we order a CCTV survey before construction as soon as we agree with your project. If you cannot safely answer any of the questions asked in our online questionnaire or in the questions above, or if you know you are not qualified, you need an approved construction agreement. However, many previously private sewers do not appear in our archives. So if you are applying to build above or near a canal, we often need to give you details about nearby sewers and wells. If you are eligible for a self-certified agreement, simply complete the online questionnaire and start your work immediately (provided your work conforms to the description you gave in the online questionnaire). A self-certified agreement is free. If you have a construction contract for a domestic channel no more than 160 mm in diameter, you can continue the authorized work. We also had to apply at the last minute, but it didn`t stop starting work. although we had our builder for Thames water, provide the drawings and generally sort them. All we had to do was pay more than 300 euros! It lasted about a week. Contact your architect to see if they could help?the extra work included a fall on the sewer pipes, if you don`t have a builder yet, then there`s no real Rushhope you get sorted! You must apply for an approved agreement if: We recommend that you redirect pipes for all proposed buildings or extensions.

If you can`t, then channel all the pipes and fittings under the building, so that they can be accessed for repairs. If any of the works are found outside your borders, please see the work near our pipes. To find out if you are eligible for a self-circified agreement, complete the questionnaire on the Thames Water Build Over website (link above) … Or ask us! oh and unless the architect or architect raised the well they wouldn`t really have known. I told my architect about it, as my father, an architect, had discovered it years ago. the owners would not believe me until I brought them to open it and run some taps, including my neighbors thank you sacbina, it`s reassuring. I managed to talk to my architect, and she can make the drawings that are a relief. However, I am puzzled about the pipes – I had construction workers lifting the well, so they were well aware of the pipes. And I have no idea how we would know if they were going to sink, where the extension is, since the flow is on the side back and the tube turns from front to back (it looks like it`s parallel to the extension).