Was Ist Frame Agreement

– Since then, a number of other councils have chosen to use this framework agreement without publicity. Under what circumstances is this possible, given that the parties to the original agreement must remain the same? – The councils that run the initial framework are believed to make an extension of 12 months? Under what circumstances can this be done? – A board that is not part of the original buying group proposes to use the framework from a few months to operate it for four years, which ends two years after the initial framework is put in place. Is the life of the framework not limited to four years and, if it is possible to agree on this point, could only the time limit imposed on the initial framework apply? They also plan to hold a mini-competition, in which only suppliers will be used for the original contract, in order to provide prices that they consider to be lower prices for the duration of their framework. Doesn`t that mean bidding without advertising it or offering it to all potential suppliers? The framework agreement itself will explain exactly how calls should be made – by rotation, by mini-comp, by direct selection. The initial communication from the Official Journal of the European Communities would also detail the number of suppliers they wished to have for the framework. Hope that helps. I would recommend that, when creating a framework, its scope be rather modest vis-à-vis the participants, while maintaining some flexibility. Limited research that has been conducted in this area shows that you don`t need a huge volume of business to get the best discounts, i.e. the level of discounts increases quite quickly and then trays.

As far as the reduction of the score is concerned, it would depend on the design of the attribution criteria. There should be a clear link between treaty change and changes to the attribution criteria. If there were no such link, I think it would be illegal to reduce the score. Hello, I`m facing a brand new situation. I am a project buyer and the company I work for sells custom products. Since I don`t really know what the company is going to sell, how am I going to sign a framework agreement with the supplier? I will not have the quantity and the list of parts….